Boho Lifestyle

Hey there! My name is Nicole and I am the founder of Boho Bars and Boho Life. I started Boho as a way to incorporate more clean foods into my life. Trying to juggle my home life with work, friends, and staying active & fit was hard enough. But adding to that all the meal prepping, cooking & cleaning that comes with clean eating was a huge challenge. I just couldn't find a convenient, packaged product that was both clean + tasted good, so I created Boho Bars. 

After that came our blog. Boho Life is a wellness community that inspires incorporating health + wellness into your real life through recipes, fitness, personal growth and mindfulness. 

We want to create a movement toward eating real food. We want to inspire people to make healthy lifestyle choices for their body + mind. At the same time, we understand that it's not always so simple. Everyone has their "real life" to contend with: kids, work, friends, family, and everything else. We get that you're busy and we want to make health and clean eating easier for you.

Real Food + Real Inspiration for your Real Life. Join the community here and make your meal prep easier here.

Happy to have you as part of the Boho Tribe xo