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Vegan + Gluten Free Burgers

I love burgers! I don't mean I just really enjoy them. I mean I am full fledged obsessed with a good burger. They remind me of lazy Summer Sundays hanging out by the pool or just lounging in the backyard.  I've been playing around with bean burger recipes for years trying to feed this obsession. It can be challenging to get just the right texture with a bean burger. You want it to be hearty and able to hold it's shape when you bite into it. And, obviously, it needs to taste great. You guys....I think I nailed it this time.These burgers are smoky, a tiny bit spicy, have a hearty texture, and are just. so. delicious. And you can top...

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Comforting Vegan + Gluten Free Chili

Who else loves comfort food? 🙋‍♀️ There is literally nothing better than a warm, indulgent meal on a chilly day (or any day, let’s be real).  When I was growing up, chili was a staple in our home. It reminds me of rainy days wrapped in a blanket reading my favourite books or playing board games with my sister. Chili is awesome because it is warm, delicious + oh-so-easy. Literally throw a few things in a pot, simmer for awhile, and TADA! you have a delicious meal 🙌 The best part? You can make a huge pot (just double the recipe below) and freeze the extras to use later for topping spaghetti, for a quick sloppy joes, or just eat...

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