How I Left my Corporate Job to Pursue My Dreams

I was sitting at my desk which looked like it was purchased from Ikea

White desk, white walls, brown carpet. Through the small crack of the window beside my desk (ok, it was a couple desks over) I could almost smell the sunshine. It was a beautiful day right at the end of summer where the weather is just perfect. And I was at my desk, inside, scrolling through Pinterest and looking at the clock. Just 2 more hours and I can get out of here.

Instead of being outside, I was drooling over perfectly curated photos of passionate women doing adventurous things. Climbing mountains, surfing in the Pacific ocean, hiking wild trails, being free. Pin, pin, pin. All the while thinking that pinning beautiful pictures of other people doing the things I wanted to do wasn’t quite the same as actually doing them.

I was so bored. I was working a typical office job as someone else’s assistant. Every day I woke up, went to work, longingly pinned someone else’s adventures, went to the gym, went home. The next day I woke up & did it all again. And all I could think day in and day out is: There has to be more than this.

I decided to apply for a promotion.

If I was doing something that I found challenging, I thought, then surely I would feel fulfilled. I got the job (hooray!) and started training. But three months in, I was feeling the same way. I had learned how to do the job and (surprise!) I was just as bored as in my last job. It all felt like more of the same.

Then, one day I was getting ready to go on a business trip. I had been warned: this conference is busy, I will be working 12 hour days, and I will be able to take breaks when there was time to step away. My first thought? Well, snacks (obviously).

Around this time, I was going to the gym almost everyday and was eating a healthy, clean diet. I headed to the grocery store to grab something *real quick* before I ran a bunch of other errands I had to get done the day before the trip. I went directly to the energy bar aisle to look for something clean, something without extra additives, something that wouldn't taste like cardboard.

I must have walked up and down that aisle five times before giving up. I left, frustrated, without buying anything. I went home, rushing to get everything done. I opened my pantry, grabbed a few things that I thought would taste good in an energy bar, threw them in a pan + hoped for the best.  


The result was an energy bar that tasted WAY better than anything I'd tried before. 


A couple of my colleagues tried them - loved them - and I was hooked. This was the change I had been looking for.

I spent my week days working at my desk job and my weekends making energy bars for my friends, family, and coworkers. I loved it. Every single second of it. I loved creating something that tasted so good, I loved that I now had clean & delicious snacks that I couldn’t find before, but most of all I loved sharing them with other people. I love giving people I care about a healthy snack that doesn’t taste like cardboard. I love giving them something they can eat instead of a chocolate bar. I love seeing the happiness on someone’s face when they bite into a Boho Bar and realize that it just tastes so good. I want to give you that moment of happiness. 


In January, we are going to be sending people free samples of the bars that I created working that corporate job.

If you'd like to get one, you can sign up for the wait list here.

You choose which flavour you want to try and we ship it out to you free of charge. No strings attached, just good vibes. 

Eventually, I realized how much more I liked making Boho Bars then sitting at my desk every day.

But when you tell people who care about you that you want to quit your comfortable, well paying day job to make energy bars…..well, most of them think you are crazy. I spent three months agonizing over this decision until I realized something: If I never at least tried I would always wonder if I could have lived a much more interesting life. I realized that in the worst case scenario – if it just didn’t work out – I could always go back to my day job. And if I tried and failed? At least I had tried. I would have done something cool – not because someone else thought I should do it, but because I thought I should do it. My decision was made.

That day, walking into my boss’ office, I thought I would full-on pass out. It was hard, but once it was done I felt free. I realized I had made the right decision.

Fast forward a few years and Boho Bars are now selling in over 300 retailers across Canada. Being an entrepreneur is very different from what I expected – it’s a TON of hard work – but I am doing something I can be proud of. I’m facing new and exciting challenges all of the time. I couldn’t be happier to be living my dreams.

If you're considering a change and thinking about starting a business, we have a new program that can help. The Boho Babe Business Program offers one-on-one coaching that is specific to your business challenges and helps you get your business off the ground.

What's next for me? Continuing to grow my business & the Boho Babe brand! And learning how to surf in Hawaii sounds like a pretty cool idea too 🌊🤙


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