Healthy Halloween Candy Recipes

Nicole Haney Boho Bars

I love chocolate

Like - can’t resist, will eat the entire box - type of love. I’ve never cared about candy, but chocolate? Oh yes. So, needless to say when Halloween comes around I am always tempted by the mini chocolate bars. Like they are just so little and cute and eating just one isn’t going to hurt right?

Except that I can never eat just one. I mean seriously they are so freaking good.

Being the organized planning maven that I am, I always buy a few bags to hand out to the kids (obviously) a week in advance. The problem comes when I’m sitting around watching Netflix & thinking “well, we aren’t going to need 3 bags. I can open one and just have one or two treats”

And so it begins.

Before I know it, all the treats are magically gone and I have to go out and buy more to hand out on Halloween. And, of course, once Halloween is over and you have the leftover chocolate well, can’t let that go to waste.

Sound familiar? I know I’m not alone here in my love of these delicious little treats.

I've decided to ditch the post-Halloween sugar crash and stop buying these tempting treats. This year, we are buying Halloween candy that the kids will love but I don’t particularly care for. AND I'm going to make myself some healthy chocolate treats instead so I can celebrate Halloween without the sugar hangover.

Here's what I'm planning on making. They are a few of my fav healthy chocolate treat recipes:

Healthy vegan snickers bar gluten free clean eating

Healthy Snickers Bars from From My Bowl

These bars are just like the real thing. Vegan, Gluten Free, and just 6 ingredients


Healthy Raw Vegan Bounty Bar Gluten free

Raw Bounty Slice from Becomingness

Who else loves coconut?! And chocolate and coconut together? YES PLEASE


Vegan peanut butter cups healthy gluten free clean eating


Peanut Butter Cups from Chocolate Covered Katie

My favourite! I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate & PB?!


If you don’t love making your own creations? We got ya covered! 


Our Chocolate Coconut & Mocha Boho Bars are so delish, you won’t even miss the mini chocolate bars. Use discount code BOHOHALLOWEEN to get 20% off until Oct 31st. Happy Halloween!


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