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Learning how to Become your Authentic Self

How I learned to put up walls You remember in those girls in high school with the pretty hair that always seemed to have a following? They said all the right things, attracted all the right guys, heck even their laughs were perfect. People literally followed them around just to be in proximity to them. I wanted to be them. Or at least be accepted by them. But I wasn’t like them. I was the awkward nerdy kid who loved reading and got incredible grades but wasn’t very socially adept. And because I was a kid, I felt awkward like all the time – I mean, who didn’t? At some point, I started to act a certain way, dress a...

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Comforting Vegan + Gluten Free Chili

Who else loves comfort food? 🙋‍♀️ There is literally nothing better than a warm, indulgent meal on a chilly day (or any day, let’s be real).  When I was growing up, chili was a staple in our home. It reminds me of rainy days wrapped in a blanket reading my favourite books or playing board games with my sister. Chili is awesome because it is warm, delicious + oh-so-easy. Literally throw a few things in a pot, simmer for awhile, and TADA! you have a delicious meal 🙌 The best part? You can make a huge pot (just double the recipe below) and freeze the extras to use later for topping spaghetti, for a quick sloppy joes, or just eat...

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5 Simple Steps to Kickstart your Wellness Journey

  When I decided that I wanted to be healthier, I had no idea where to start. I knew that I wanted to be healthier, leaner, and stronger, but didn’t have the basics to get started – or the time to devote to massive, over complicated diets and workouts. I know you’re busy, so here are some basic steps you can take TODAY to get you started: 1. Start Reading Ingredient Labels  Did you know that potato chips have sugar in them? I didn’t either! I mean, I knew they weren’t good for you, but sugar?! They’ve added it to make them more delicious – and more addictive – so you literally can’t eat just one. And how about ingredients...

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How I went from unhealthy to healthy, fit + happy (and how you can too!)

I love pizza In fact, when I was a teenager, I survived almost solely on pizza, pop & chocolate bars (Kit Kat was a favourite, but really any chocolate was great to me). The unfortunate thing was that this type of diet made me pretty unhealthy and somewhat overweight (who knew, right?). Eventually, I decided that I wanted to be healthier. Well, let’s be real - I just wanted to lose weight. So, I started eating what I thought healthy food was –  those awful cardboard “healthy” cereals for breakfast, bland salads for lunch, and a dinner with well, some vegetables. Healthy, right? So, why wasn’t I losing weight? Why did I still feel like crap? Why did I feel...

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