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So delicious you won't know it's an energy bar

Ever eaten an energy bar that tasted like cardboard?  Yeah, so have we. 

We created Boho Bars because we love food too much to sacrifice flavour. Gluten free, dairy free, made with plant protein + clean ingredients,  Boho Bars are a quick and easy snack.

The best part? They taste absolutely delicious. 

Here's what customers are saying

"Clean, simple and delicious.

I love that there’s nothing hidden and I know what EVERY single ingredient is inside that little bar of deliciousness (ummm hello peanut butter 😍). And I love that I can get all this while supporting local"

- Robyn T

"I love Boho Bars because

of the simple ingredients AND they taste amazing! They are perfect for me as a pre or post workout snack. I like having the variety of flavours to choose from so I can switch it up day to day. The Boho brand is killing it!!!"

- Whitney D

"I got a Boho Bar from a friend

and ate it when I was starving and running late for an appointment. It literally tasted like dessert, kept me full for hours, and was full of clean and natural ingredients. I loved it so much I saved the wrapper so I could find more and stock up! Love them all!" ❤️

- Morgan


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